“I scored huge through this program and have started growing on some land near Edmonton.
Such a dream. I am forever grateful to YA for helping link me to this fantasy opportunity!”
– Moira M., Alberta land seeker (2021)



For new and landless farmers accessing land is the number one challenge to farming. Land prices and the average age of farmers are going up year-after-year, and more people than ever before live in urban areas. Hearing from older farmers in Alberta, Young Agrarians also knows that many don’t have family members who want to take on the farm.

There is a growing opportunity for new farmers, land managers and food growers, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds to gain the knowledge, experience and skills needed to start their dream farm business on shared land. 

Now is the time to get creative and work together in new ways to figure out different types of land sharing agreements that are beneficial to both parties. YA began offering land access workshops in Alberta in 2016 and launched the Alberta Land Access Guide in 2021. 

Alberta Land Access Support provides:

  • An online and searchable inventory of Alberta land opportunities through the Young Agrarians U-Map and YA Land Blog.
  • Referrals to resources for business development and legal support.
  • Educational events and resources to increase knowledge and foster connection  between land seekers and landholders.


The Alberta Land Access Guide details land sharing models, lease templates and case studies. It’s a good resource on land sharing, and may also help you understand the perspective of the farmer(s) looking to lease land or the landholder making land available.

You can also check out the B.C. Transition Toolkit for Non-Family Farm Transfer. This is a resource kit for anyone curious about – or neck-deep in – alternative ways to transition land and farms from one generation to the next. 

Download the Alberta Land Access Guide



Landholders and farmers in Alberta, please fill out the info below to connect with us for Land Access Support. Once you submit the form, we will be in touch with more information about how you can realize your vision for your land or farm. 

If you are located in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, please use this form as well. If you’re in B.C. then check out the B.C. Land Matching Program.

PLEASE NOTE! If the application form is left open for too long there is the potential for the information you’ve entered to be lost. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend completing your short answers in a separate word doc and copying them over once you are ready to submit.




LANDHOLDERS: Have land you’d like to see farmed? 

Landholders can publicly list their land opportunity and learn more about non-family land sharing arrangements. Starting this process early is best; it takes time to create your vision and connect to the right farmer. Once you have some idea on what you’re offering, it’s time to get noticed! 

Step 1: The first step is to list your unique land opportunity on the Young Agrarians U-Map, which is a digital inventory of land opportunities. Hit the blue button below and click “Submit a Listing +” in the bottom right corner to fill out the land questionnaire.

Create a public listing on our U-Map

Step 2: Level up your promotion by connecting to YA’s extensive network. Create a blog post about your land opportunity that Young Agrarians can share in our newsletter and social media platforms. This is the best way to reach a wide audience of farmers. Click the green button below to fill out a form with your blog content.

Promote your land opportunity on our blog

FARMERS: Looking for land in Alberta? 

If you are looking to start or grow your farm business on leased or shared land, the YA U-MAP and YA Land Blog can help. Check these online resources regularly to view new listings that can connect you with land opportunities. Be sure to submit your own U-MAP Listing under the category “Farmer Looking For Land”.

Find land on our U-Map



How to Start Farming in Alberta: A starter kit for those wondering how to start farming in Alberta.

How to Start Farming: And Introductory Course for the Farm Curious: This online course will give you the space to explore farming fundamentals, connect with the farming community, and learn about ways to get more involved in farming.

YA Business Bootcamp for Farmers: This online, community-based program is packed full of content and activities that will guide you through writing your farm business plan. 

YA Farm Apprenticeships: Young Agrarians and our network of exceptional mentor farmers are offering advanced, full-immersions, hands-on apprenticeships in regenerative agriculture.


Whatever stage you are at, whether it’s finding land, the right farmer, or entering into a land arrangement and starting your business, Young Agrarians can help. Check out all our land access tools and resources here, and if you’re in B.C. check out the B.C. Land Matching Program.


Thank you to the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) for supporting our land access work in Alberta!