FARM JOB: HUNTSVILLE, ONTARIO – The Spring Farm Muskoka Ltd. – Farm Manager

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The Spring Farm Muskoka Ltd

The Spring Farm is a small-scale farm situated in downtown Huntsville, Ontario that uses 100% natural and organic methods to provide locally grown vegetables. We raise turkey, chicken and sell farm fresh eggs. The farm is located only five kilometres from downtown Huntsville, making our product truly local.

With the popular demand for local, organic food, The Spring Farm is growing quickly. We grow and supply fresh vegetables and unique varieties of microgreens  to a number of local restaurants and retail stores across Muskoka. We also provide workshops and education to our community, school groups and even inmates on how to grow and cook organic food.

Are you a farmer who wants experience running a farm before you get into your own business of your own? We are looking for someone to manage the market garden for the 2017 season and is willing to start ASAP. We have two large greenhouses for starter plants (76 x 30) (120 x 30 ) and for summer tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and pepper production. We have all equipment, including tarps, row covers, tiller, and hand tools. We have an excellent irrigation system already set up. We go to market every Thursday (5 minute drive from the farm) and operate a farm stand on Fridays. The farm is on Lake Vernon, in beautiful Muskoka.

The Spring Farm Muskoka Ltd

You will work along side employees and will be in charge of the garden operation. Jenny, co-owner of The Spring Farm will assist you with the garden management.

Must have experience working on a farm.

You must have your own living arrangements in Huntsville and your own way to get to the farm everyday. There is a rental house that could be available across the road from the farm (2 minute walk to the lake)

This is a paid position. Pay will be based on experience.

Please contact:

Full time: ASAP — October

2 thoughts on “FARM JOB: HUNTSVILLE, ONTARIO – The Spring Farm Muskoka Ltd. – Farm Manager

  1. would you consider a small herd of lowline cows on your farm or is there a farm for rent in your area would very much enjoy speaking with you Of interest to you maybe I came from a certified organic farm my father certified over 55 years ago and had my farm certified also Am looking for a farm for my cows and they were in an organic state They are high end beef cattle and finis on grass and forage and turn there feed into excellent garden fertilizer Thot I would thro that in Mark Steinman North Bay 705 303 2455 In case you would have any interest or can help me with info Would be Greatly Appreciated I love producing high quality food Am looking for work Thank you

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure if the farmer will see your post here, you could try emailing them at

      For land leasing, check out

      The Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario may also have some ideas:

      Good luck!

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