The Ruminant Podcast: two chefs on selling farm goods to chefs, part 2 of 2

Posted by Jordan Marr on January 14, 2015

Selling your farm goods to chefs can be lucrative, but there are idiosyncrasies to this type of marketing that a farmer should understand if she wants to keep and increase the business she gets from restaurants. This episode features part two of my conversation with two chef-owners of a high end catering business that has built its reputation for great cuisine on a devotion to sourcing and serving local farm goods.

Cam Smith and Dana Ewart of Joy Road Catering in BC’s Okanagan Valley really want to support your farm, but they but they also insist that you take the customer service you provide them seriously. Herein, they provide some no-nonsense advice for how to approach and maintain restaurant customers.

This episode: what chefs expect in terms of quality, how they like to be billed and when you should start to worry about unpaid accounts, and Cam and Dana’s thoughts on the relationship between high-end cuisine and food security.

Learn more about Joy Road Catering here.