Thanks Sara!

Posted by Moss Dance on December 23, 2014

At this time of year, I do a lot of reflecting. I get to slow down.

There’s not much growing that needs fussing over. Instead, there are piles of showy seed catalogues to flip through, the crackling woodstove and spreadsheets to pour over as I plan the next season.

And I also get to spend lots of time on the phone with Sara gleefully plotting and scheming for farmer events in the new year!

This year, I’ve been reflecting on my involvement with Young Agrarians, and how much it has grown my farming world, my sense of community and support for the work I do. I love working with YA and can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to organize and stir the farming cauldron with Young Agrarians across Vancouver Island.

For this goodness in my life, I give much credit to the illustrious Sara Dent.

In case you haven’t heard, Sara pours her heart & soul into YA on a daily basis. Fundraising, land linking, speaking, endless phone calls, meetings, emails. She’s spinning a shining web of connection between young and new farmers across the country and connecting them up with supporters and friends.

It’s hard to find a picture of Sara doing what she does, because she’s often behind the camera. But I did manage to find one in our collection – here she is at the Vancouver Island Spring Farmer Mixer last March:


Thanks Sara! Thanks for sharing your life and skills with us. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into this amazing project that brings farmers together and helps us to succeed!

You make life richer!