Take the Survey: 2020 National New Farmer Survey

Posted by Dana Penrice on March 03, 2020

If you are intending to farm, are currently farming, or have recently exited farming, please fill out the National New Farmer Survey 2020! This survey is a follow-up to our important 2015 survey which was used to advocate for better policies to support new farmers in Canada, including through Canada’s national food policy at a Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. The results will help understand the unique experiences of new farmers in Canada in 2020. In order to give weight to our recommendations, we need as many farmer voices as possible. 

We want to hear from people who are currently farming, want to be a farmer, or have recently exited farming. Please help us spread the word and/or take approximately 30 minutes to fill out the following survey (and be entered to win over $500 in cash and other prizes):

>> Take the Survey <<

This survey has been put together by an advisory group of young farmers and Julia Laforge, Postdoctoral Fellow at Lakehead University. We created this survey to assess the experiences of new farmers across Canada. Results from the 2015 survey has been extensively used by Young Agrarians to expand the narrative of our work and shape our programming. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the follow up survey.