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From DIY To Do It Together: Farm City Co-op

Posted by yummyyardsemi on March 25, 2014

Note from Sara Dent: Emi Do is my hero. She has worked tirelessly in and around Vancouver to grow the multi-site urban farm Yummy Yards, develop FarmCity Co-op with a team of cooperators, and support the establishment of Vancouver Urban Farming Society. We wish Emi a wonderful journey to Japan to study farm co-ops. We are looking forward to hearing more about her adventures and learnings down the road. It’s strange to say that a farm with a cutesy name like Yummy Yards started from a place of arrogance, and yet it did.  I thought I could grow more, spend … Continue reading From DIY To Do It Together: Farm City Co-op

Evolution of an Urban Farmer

Posted by yummyyardsemi on February 27, 2013

I often tell people that the dream for Yummy Yards started on a beautiful sunny day, weeding a vegetable patch at Southlands Farm. Indeed in many ways it did… However in reality, it is a culmination of all of my previous experiences that has given me the love, heart and courage to embark on this amazing journey to understand one of the most integral aspects of our life: food. It wasn’t a straight path that led me to Vancouver. My educational background is in Kinesiology, but through my various experiences it became apparent that our health and wellbeing aren’t governed … Continue reading Evolution of an Urban Farmer