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VIRTUAL FARM TOUR – Cold Climate Water Resilience Virtual Field Day at Coen Farm

Posted by Alex on March 10, 2020

coen farm, permaculture, tour, young agrarians

Join us for a VIRTUAL field day at Coen Farm to learn about simple, low-cost, low-tech systems for harvesting snowmelt to improve your water resilience in a cold climate. During this video tour you will see over 3 km of swales, 40 million litres of water storage in ponds, dams, dugouts and wetlands, solar-powered water pumping, gravity water reticulation system, and energy-free livestock waterers. If the spring melt cooperates then there will also be a flood irrigation demonstration into one of the swales to water one of the farm’s food forests. The tour will also cover topics like permaculture design, … Continue reading VIRTUAL FARM TOUR – Cold Climate Water Resilience Virtual Field Day at Coen Farm

Young Agrarians Water Use & Drainage Manual

Posted by Darcy Smith on November 25, 2019

The Young Agrarians Water Use & Drainage Manual for Landowners and Farmers in Metro Vancouver is intended to support landowners and farmers to assess and improve drainage and irrigation for planning and implementation purposes. The goal of this resource is to help you objectively decide, from an irrigation and drainage perspective, if your land can support a farming operation, and help farmers determine if there are ways to improve irrigation and drainage on the land through shifts in farming practices.  Download the manual here: The YA Water Use & Drainage Manual features everything from technical explanations of irrigation and drainage, to flowcharts helping … Continue reading Young Agrarians Water Use & Drainage Manual

Farmer Podcast Club: Water

Posted by Lilli Klamke on July 23, 2019

Enjoy listening to your weekly Farmer Podcast Club episode. Water –The Secret Life of Canada Released Jan 22, 2019 Can the foundation of Canada be traced back to Indigenous trade routes? In this episode Falen and Leah take a trip across the Great Lakes, they talk corn and vampires, and discuss some big concerns currently facing Canada’s water.     Listen to the full episode: https://overcast.fm/+OZZNNW7F8 Subscribe to The Secret Life of Canada on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/no/podcast/s2-water/id1434339568?i=1000428234706 Share This With a Farming Friend Know some farmers who might like this podcast? Invite them to sign up by sharing this link: http://eepurl.com/dtEnmr Or … Continue reading Farmer Podcast Club: Water