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Farmer Podcast Club: Ep. 119: Walking the Edge

Posted by Lilli Klamke on January 01, 2019

Enjoy listening to your weekly Farmer Podcast Club episode. Ep. 119: Walking the Edge- The Meat Eater Podcasts Released Jun 04, 2018 Bozeman, MT- Steven Rinella talks with historian and religious scholar Bracy V. Hill, along with Michelle Jorgensen and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew. The intersection of religion and the history of hunting in America; the evolution of America’s hunting culture; a two-part history of Paul/Saul; the connection between the creation story and blue laws; radical religious groups; masculinity and the symbol of life and death; the saga of Jacob and Esau; hunters walking the edge; feast and … Continue reading Farmer Podcast Club: Ep. 119: Walking the Edge