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Upcoming Cheesemaking Workshops in the Kootenays!

Posted by Kristen Nammour on June 02, 2015

Contemporary cheesemaking as practiced in North America is decidedly unnatural; The Black Sheep School provides a much needed alternative. This new/old approach to cheesemaking is inspired by traditional practices, and based on the ecology of raw milk. The Black Sheep methods include cultivating starter cultures, growing the fungi that ripen cheeses, and working with the indigenous cultures of raw milk. The methods are liberating and empowering – they help cheesemakers wean themselves off packaged powdered cultures, synthetic rennets and unnecessary chemical additives and sanitizers, and help cheeses develop their best possible flavor. The Black Sheep School helps cheesemakers take back their cheese. Kootenay Food is hosting two days of Cheesemaking classes … Continue reading Upcoming Cheesemaking Workshops in the Kootenays!