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Okanagan Farmers – Let’s Mix it Up!!!

Posted by Sara Dent on February 20, 2014

Before the days get too long, the weather too warm, and all our lives way too busy… it’s time to gather and network!!! We’re organizing to bring together as many young(ish) farmers as we can for a one-day skills share, workshop, and connection making; and a 2nd day small lot farm workshop with young farmer rockstar and author of The Market Gardener – Jean-Martin Fortier. PLEASE REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE – CLICK HERE SWAP & SHARE: Bring food to share, seeds to swap, preserves to trade, travel-able tool(s) to show off, the best farm book(s) you’ve ever read that everyone else should know about, … Continue reading Okanagan Farmers – Let’s Mix it Up!!!