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JUNE 1, 2022: ONLINE – Solar Installations on the Farm

Posted by Michelle Lam on May 04, 2022

You’re invited to a free webinar on Solar Installations on the Farm. It’s well-known that Alberta has some of the best potential for solar power in all of Canada. It’s also common knowledge that installing solar panels on your property can drastically reduce electricity bills.  In addition to these benefits, a solar installation can also be an upgrade that pays for itself, protects your farm from rising energy costs, increases your property value, all while protecting the environment for future generations.   It’s getting harder and harder to ignore solar energy so Richard Fleck of KCP Energy is back to talk … Continue reading JUNE 1, 2022: ONLINE – Solar Installations on the Farm


Posted by Moss Dance on January 03, 2018

This apprenticeship at The Beauty Path in Nelson, BC, is an opportunity to learn on a growing family farm growing veggies, fruits, berries and seeking sustainable self-sufficiency. ABOUT THE BEAUTY PATH We are a family farm growing most of our own veggies, fruits, berries. We plan to expand to a second greenhouse, and fish ponds as well as chickens and goats this year. The work would involve all aspects of a family farm, from taking care of seedlings, preparing established and new beds, spreading compost, vermiculture, pruning, to harvesting, preserving, freezing. We will be doing fencing of a new area also this … Continue reading APPRENTICESHIP: NELSON, BC – The Beauty Path