YOUNG AGRARIANS PARTNERSHIP: Holistic Management Canada Regenerative Accelerator Program


Holistic Management Canada empowers farmers to make ecologically, economically, and socially sound decisions for their farms and communities.

Currently, there are 271,935 farmers in Canada managing approximately 153 million acres of farm and ranch lands. Land managers are facing growing uncertainty from increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, unstable financial conditions, and rising societal pressures, with 2022 has been another unprecedentedly difficult year. Across Canada, in all bioregions, farmers and ranchers are facing the same challenges.  They have lived through relatively stable conditions and gotten by with a recipe-type approach to land management, but in this new, uncertain world, this approach is no longer working.

Holistic Management Canada’s work stems from the understanding that, given the uncertainty and complexity of farming, land managers need an approach that helps them predict changes, diagnose problems, and design solutions in contextually-appropriate, adaptive, and timely ways for the ecology, economy, and society.

The Holistic Management Canada Accelerator Program was started to speed up the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices on farms in Manitoba. They provide the following services:

  1. Planning support: Experts in Holistic Management will work with you on selecting a project that fits with the goals of your farm and the context you are working in.
  2. Project expertise: Holistic Management Canada will cover the cost to hire experts to assess and support the implementation of you regenerative project.
  3. Project funding: Participating farms will receive money to cover a portion of the costs of implementing their regenerative project. Money available for the project is dependent on the total project costs.
  4. Science-based data: Learn about how the ecosystem processes on your farm are working, and how your management can improve it. They’ll baseline each participating farm using Savory Institute’s Ecological Outcome Verification Program.


In 2022, Young Agrarians (YA) partnered with the Holistic Management Canada Regenerative Accelerator Program. YA Apprenticeship Program host farms were able to participate in the Regenerative Accelerator Program, where apprentices were then given the opportunity to implement a regenerative project on their host farm.

During their time in this program, apprentices were trained in Ecological Outcome Verification and ecosystem health monitoring. They learned how to read the landscape to determine if regeneration or degeneration was taking place – looking at plant biodiversity, microfauna, soil health, water infiltration, and ground cover. Some apprentices even went on to pursue their certification as monitors!  As regenerative agriculture grows, these types of jobs demonstrate the positive impact agriculture can make on improving ecology and mitigating climate change.

Learn more about Holistic Management Canada and it’s Regenerative Accelerator Program here.