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JOB: ABBOTSFORD – Ministry of Agriculture New Entrant Agrologist

Posted by Michalina Hunter on December 20, 2018

new farmer resources BC government

The Sector Development Branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture is hiring a New Entrant Agrologist. The role provides support and technical expertise to new producers to the industry. The role builds capacity, supports business management and entrepreneurial skill development, increases awareness of programs and services, and encourages the use of sound management practices.  This role is responsible for the effective implementation of the New Entrant Strategy and all aspects of developing and delivering programs, tools, resources and projects for new farmers and ranchers. Position Summary New Entrant Agrologist Licensed Science Officer (Agrologist) 2 Bring your operational expertise to this unique opportunity The … Continue reading JOB: ABBOTSFORD – Ministry of Agriculture New Entrant Agrologist

BC Organic Grower: BC Plant Health Laboratory

Posted by Darcy Smith on October 02, 2018

Diagnosis Lab Microscope Cells

Plant Health Diagnostic Support for BC Producers By Emma Holmes, P.Ag This article originally appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of the BC Organic Grower. While we always hope that every farmer has a successful season and bountiful harvests, the reality is that there are endless factors to potentially derail those harvests. For me, the hardest part of farming was finding my crops decimated by pests or struggling to survive after getting hit with a disease. My heart sank when I found my previously healthy cucurbits drooping and turning brown in the greenhouse one morning and I felt panic when … Continue reading BC Organic Grower: BC Plant Health Laboratory