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Farmer Podcast Club: A Cynical Farmer Rebuffed

Posted by Lilli Klamke on April 08, 2019

Enjoy listening to your weekly Farmer Podcast Club episode. e107: A Cynical Farmer Rebuffed- The Ruminant: By Jordan Marr Released Feb 21, 2019 My guest this ep is Stefan Morales, producer of the Working Together podcast. Stefan and I both care about food and farming. I brought my passions to farming; he took his into the non-profit and government sphere. We compare notes, things get mildly awkward, and a farmer’s heart grows by a couple of sizes. Or: a guy with good insights about the workings of bureaucracy offers advice for reformers about how to engage with it. Listen to the full episode: … Continue reading Farmer Podcast Club: A Cynical Farmer Rebuffed

Okanagan Mixer Rocked & Wrap-up Notes

Posted by Sara Dent on May 01, 2014

It was an awesome two days at Summerhill Winery, March 8-9, 2014. Saturday we had @ 75 participants filtering in throughout the day and night. We broke the day up into open space in the morning session and workshops in the afternoon. Introduction Circle:) Networking up the room so that farmers and participants know who is in the space. We ask folk to identify needs and opportunities. Direct connections get made through this process.The fabulous Jenica Frisque co-facilitating for the day.We were so lucky to have Joy Road Catering prepare lunch for us. A special thank you to Urban Harvest for donating food and … Continue reading Okanagan Mixer Rocked & Wrap-up Notes

Interested In Seed Production? Dan Brisebois in Conversation

Posted by Jordan Marr on February 15, 2013

The latest two episodes of The Ruminant Podcast (available on the iTunes store and here) feature a conversation with Dan Brisebois, a young farmer with the Tournesol Farm Cooperative near Montreal, Quebec. Part one deals with the basics of getting started in veggie seed production, with an emphasis on how to incorporate seed production into an extant fresh veggie operation. In part two, Dan gives advice on how to find buyers for your seed and shares some resources for seed producers. Dan is very knowledgeable and articulate, so would-be seed producers should check it out!

Essay: A Fairy Tale Retold (or: the challenges of leasing farmland)

Posted by Jordan Marr on December 11, 2012 3 Comments

The Homestead Organic Farm on a late November Afternoon

My partner Vanessa and I (and that’s partner in both the professional sense and the hubba-hubba one) do not own the land we’re farming. We’re on a lease at The Homestead, an organic farm in Peachland that has been under the care of Joe and Jess Klein for nearly 30 years. That we would start out our farming careers on leased land was inevitable. Much of BC’s best farmland is also coveted real estate. And so, land prices being what they are (Keith Richards high), and returns on farming being what they are (Barry White low), the die is cast … Continue reading Essay: A Fairy Tale Retold (or: the challenges of leasing farmland)