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5 Ways to Improve Your Supply of Fruit

Posted by Michalina Hunter on April 04, 2019

increase fruit tree production

By Gabe Nelson at Fruit Growers Supply Fruit yield will mostly depend on the type of fruit tree you are cultivating; however, there are general methods that apply to many varieties. Here are 5 ways to increase your fruit supply:     Know your soil. Plants and fruit trees are a lot like people. Different plants have different needs for nutrients and soil pH. Do a soil sample on the location you want to plant your fruit trees. A soil sample will reveal contents of trace minerals and what you need to fill in to make a healthy soil appropriate for your desired plants or … Continue reading 5 Ways to Improve Your Supply of Fruit

FARM JOB: NANOOSE BAY, BC – Nanoose Edibles Farm Workers

Posted by Moss Dance on August 15, 2018

Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm

Nanoose Edibles Farm is looking for experienced knowledgeable farm workers. If you have worked on a farm before and would like to take it a step further, we are looking to train a manager/or managers for our farm to work alongside the owners. The candidate must have previous experience working on a farm; be able to understand the farming seasons—seeding, planting; cropping, harvesting, and seasonal production. Tractor and machinery work is a bonus, but we will train if needed. We are hoping to find a person or people that we can introduce into the daily operation of the farm. We would hope … Continue reading FARM JOB: NANOOSE BAY, BC – Nanoose Edibles Farm Workers