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How To Start Farming In Alberta

Posted by Michelle Lam on September 03, 2021 6 Comments

How to start farming in Alberta

A starter kit for those wondering how to start farming in Alberta. Young Agrarians (YA) is a farmer to farmer educational resource network for new and young ecological, organic and regenerative farmers in Canada. Read more about us here. Young Agrarians recognizes the unresolved Indigenous land title and rights in the diverse territories in what is today called Canada. As we live and work in the context of and in response to a colonial system of laws and policies, it is important to acknowledge the historical and ongoing impact of agriculture and land enclosure on Indigenous lands and food systems. In … Continue reading How To Start Farming In Alberta


Posted by Moss Dance on June 18, 2018

SPEC booth at Westside Community Food Market

Want to volunteer at a dynamic farmers’ market to promote the work of SPEC, an awesome environmental conservation organization? Read on! ABOUT SPEC The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) works to provide our community with practical solutions for urban sustainability. We empower local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through our interactive programs and activities. SPEC is a non-profit, charitable and volunteer-driven organization, founded in 1969. We are the oldest environmental non-profit in Canada. Through our open education and outreach programs we provide our communities with the tools to build greener cities together. We work with citizens, industries and government agencies, putting our … Continue reading VOLUNTEER OPP: VANCOUVER, BC – SPEC at Westside Food Market

2015 Urban Farming Certificate Program: Food Skills in Action

Posted by Jess Brown on March 17, 2015 1 Comment

Mason Street City Farm Victoria BC Starts March 28th and runs to October 2015 What is the Urban Farming Certificate Program? In the Urban Farming Certificate Program, students will learn the theory and application of intensive urban food production and the foundations of holistic ecological farming. The focus of this program will be on the application of the theory learned in the classroom. Over 60% of the instruction will be on the ground building soil, building farm infrastructure, planting, propagating and growing food. Mason Street City Farm has spent a decade honing techniques specific to ecological urban food cultivation. Whether … Continue reading 2015 Urban Farming Certificate Program: Food Skills in Action