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Farmers and Landowners Work Together to Build our Local Food Supply

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on April 20, 2020 4 Comments

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Leasing farmers Jordan and Brie, Vancouver Island. The importance of a secure local food supply has perhaps never been more acutely felt than in these times of disruption to our normal way of life. As people adapt to a new reality, many are turning to local farmers and local food to keep their fridges and shelves stocked. Farmers have had to adapt quickly to a dramatically different market for their products, as restaurants close and farmers’ markets shift from social environments to more controlled food access points.  For many farmers this change means focusing on more direct-to-consumer sales of their … Continue reading Farmers and Landowners Work Together to Build our Local Food Supply

COVID-19 Resources for Farmers

Posted by Michalina Hunter on April 06, 2020

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Thank you farmers for ensuring our communities have access to safe and nutritious food! We’ve pulled together this list of resources from across the internet to help you and your farm business during this time. Please reach out if you have other ideas for ways we can support you, or if you have other great resources to add to this list. Farm on! Farmers are heroes! Resources for Farmers: 1. Add your farm to the U-Map Add yourself to the U-Map so consumers can find your farm, or ensure your current listing is up to date. Consider including any pickup or delivery information … Continue reading COVID-19 Resources for Farmers

Support your local farmers- buy direct!

Posted by Michalina Hunter on March 19, 2020 1 Comment

The Young Agrarians team has been brainstorming ways we can support farmers during these challenging times, and ensure our communities have access to safe and nutritious food. Supporting our local food systems is more important than ever. Small farms will have a much harder time surviving the economic slowdown than bigger businesses. As restaurants and other markets close, some farmers are experiencing challenges getting their produce to consumers.  Fortunately, farmers are a creative bunch, and many are restructuring their sales channels to offer online ordering and contactless pickup and delivery to optimize safety and make sure their food gets to eaters. We’re all in this together, … Continue reading Support your local farmers- buy direct!