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How to Reduce Plastic in Agriculture

Posted by Rachel Spruston on May 02, 2022

Plastic is widely used in agriculture for weed suppression, packaging, seed starting, and more. However, studies show that plastic can disrupt soil health, stunt plant growth, and leach from soils into aquatic environments. Here we dive into the issue of plastic in agriculture, and showcase Canadian farmers who’ve found alternatives. The phrase ‘plastic pollution’ is more likely to bring to mind heartbreaking photos of remote Pacific Ocean beaches littered with plastic or wildlife trapped in six-pack rings than images of earthworms and soil profiles. While marine plastic pollution tends to get the most attention, and for good reason (a recent … Continue reading How to Reduce Plastic in Agriculture

Ecological Workshops for Small-Scale Farmers – Vancouver Summer 2019

Posted by Michalina Hunter on June 25, 2019

Are you a small scale farmer in Metro Vancouver, looking to learn more about ecological farming methods? Check out the following workshops from SPEC coming up this August. Registration is free! Tuesday August 6: Cover Cropping Workshop 1:00 pm at Tsawassen Farm School (4996 28th Avenue, Tsawwasen) If you are a small-scale farmer in Metro Vancouver interested in increasing your knowledge about Cover Cropping Practices, this is the place for you! We are bringing together three experts in this field: Art Bomke is a Professor Emeritus at UBC and has spent decades studying local cover crop varieties; Corine Singfield is a local farmer, … Continue reading Ecological Workshops for Small-Scale Farmers – Vancouver Summer 2019