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May 4: Extend Your Growing Season with Caterpillar Tunnels at Broadfork Farm!

Posted by Lucia Stephen on May 03, 2014

The Grow A Farmer Learning Series and Broadfork Farm present a workshop designed to teach participants the basics of how to put up your own Caterpillar Tunnels (i.e. inexpensive hoophouses)! The farmers at Broadfork Farm have been happily using their caterpillar tunnels for four years now but have made a few refinements along the way. Learn how to use this innovative strategy to extend your growing season! This hands-on opportunity will teach others the step by step process of how to construct and use caterpillar tunnels; key considerations; sourcing materials; costs and more! As all participants will take part in constructing four tunnels, … Continue reading May 4: Extend Your Growing Season with Caterpillar Tunnels at Broadfork Farm!

Farming as a Political Act

Posted by Shannon Jones on March 31, 2014 2 Comments

Amherst, Nova Scotia: When my partner Bryan and I were first starting Broadfork Farm, we took a farm business planning course (through Everdale). One of the classes was devoted to Risk Management. It sounded like it was going to be boring and dry, but instead it was one of my favourite parts of the business planning process. We were encouraged to think about all the different risks that could jeopardize our farm business. We listed weather risks, production risks, marketing risks, financial risks, personal relationship risks, and policy risks. For each risk, we needed to come up with actions to … Continue reading Farming as a Political Act