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Growing the Next Generation of Farmers – Policy Recommendations

Posted by Darcy Smith on August 20, 2021

Young Agrarians launched in 2012 as an educational farmer-to-farmer resource network. Now in year 10, we’ve connected with thousands of farmers across Canada online, at events, through our land access, business development, and apprenticeship programs, and through farmer consultation and advisories. The federal, provincial, and territorial governments fund agriculture through 5-year agreements – many of you will have heard of Growing Forward 1 and 2, and the current funding agreement, the Canadian Agriculture Partnership. Negotiations are currently under way for the Next Policy Framework, which will determine what programs and funding are available to farmers starting in 2023. There is … Continue reading Growing the Next Generation of Farmers – Policy Recommendations

Eat Think Vote: Making Food An Election Issue

Posted by Kristen Nammour on October 01, 2015

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By Derek Leahy, Eat Think Vote Campaigns Coordinator Can food be an election issue? Canadian elections are usually dominated by heated debates around jobs and the economy, but rarely is the food we eat and how it grows a ‘hot’ issue. Food Secure Canada, a coalition of farmers, food banks, health advocates and community food organizations think food should be an election issue. Earlier this summer, the coalition launched the Eat Think Vote campaign to make food an issue in the upcoming federal election. What is Eat Think Vote? The campaign is organizing a series of events (over 50 so … Continue reading Eat Think Vote: Making Food An Election Issue

The National New Farmer Coalition needs you!

Posted by Ayla Fenton on February 24, 2015

Originally posted at http://www.nfu.ca/blog/new-farmer-coalition-survey It should not come as a surprise that Canadian agriculture is facing a demographic crisis. In the 1930s, over thirty percent of the population was involved in food production. Today, farmers represent only 1.6 percent of the population and have an average age of 54. In 1991, the number of farmers in Canada under the age of 35 was 80,000 – now it is less than 25,000. The National New Farmer Coalition is a farmer-driven grassroots initiative created in 2014. Our aim is to promote government policies that will reverse these trends and allow new farmers to … Continue reading The National New Farmer Coalition needs you!