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okanagan farm survey
Are you involved in food or farming in the Okanagan? Help researcher Ayla Brown build food resilience in the Okanagan bioregion by completing the survey below!

Who should take the survey:

  • Local food producers (fruit/vegetable producer, livestock producer or rancher, egg farmer, producer of other products such as honey, flour etc.)
  • Wild food collectors (hunter or forager)
  • Local food educators, experts or advocates
  • Local government or council involved in local food
  • Indigenous food knowledge keepers
We would like to invite you to participate in a virtual mapping survey, where we will ask you questions about:

(1) Yourself and your connection to food production;

(2) What kind of hazards, vulnerabilities and risks to local food production you may have experienced;

(3) Your views and hopes for the future of food production in the Okanagan.

The results of this survey will be used to produce the adaptation pathways by providing valuable information about the current state of local food production, what a desirable future might look like and what barriers we need to overcome to get there.
Note: The survey is NOT mobile-compatible. Please fill it out on a computer or tablet instead.

>> Take the Survey here <<

About the Researcher:

My name is Ayla Brown, and I am a master’s student enrolled in Sustainability studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO). I am the Co-Investigator working on a research project titled: Building adaptation pathways for local food production in the Okanagan bioregion: An applied participative approach, under the supervision of the Primary Investigator, Dr. Donna Senese, Associate Dean of the Department of Community, Culture and Global Studies. The purpose of this research is to collaboratively build adaptation pathways that address change in the form of both current and future shocks (sudden and acute disruptions e.g. pandemics) and stressors (long-term chronic disruptions e.g. climate change) affecting local food production in the Okanagan. Adaptation pathways are a set of adaptation actions, sequenced over time to respond to risks posed by shocks and stressors. This research aims to identify if and how adaptation pathways can be used to build resilience, or the ability to prepare, adapt and innovate for the eventuality of shocks and stressors.
Download the letter of introduction for more info here: Letter_of_introduction_survey.pdf (32 downloads)
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