Are you a direct marketing farmer in Canada? Please take this survey!

Posted by Michalina Hunter on February 27, 2019

Are you a Direct Marketing Farmer? Please take this survey to contribute to research on the economic and social impacts of direct farm marketing in Canada.

Research title: Assumed virtues or tangible benefits? An analysis of the economic and social impacts of short food supply chains in Canada

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Research Aim

Our research aim is to look at the impacts of direct marketing on farms, farmers and local development in Canada. Direct marketing involves at most one middleman between the producer and the consumer (e.g. farm stand, farmers’ market, sales to restaurants, etc.). The requested information relates to the last known year.

Researchers Involved:

  • Patrick Mundler and Lota Dabio Tamini, professors in the Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Sciences, FSAA, Laval University
  • Stevens Azima, PhD student, Laval University

Information for implicit and anonymous consent

To participate in this research will require you to complete this questionnaire, which takes approximately 20 minutes to finish. Your answers are saved automatically when you click “Next”. You can therefore stop and resume the questionnaire at any time.

The questionnaire will allow you to express your views on direct farm marketing and whether you are satisfied with this type of marketing channel. We also ask that you provide certain pieces of information that will enable us to determine what type of farm you have.

Since your participation in this project is totally anonymous, it will never be possible to identify you:

  • The email addresses are kept separately from the research data, which means that no one can know who replied or not.
  • All the research data will be destroyed once the project is completed (December 2021). 

Of course, should you wish, you can choose not to answer a question.

If you return the completed questionnaire, we will consider this to be an implicit agreement on your part that you wish to participate in the project.

Your collaboration is invaluable in helping us complete our research. We therefore would like to thank you very much for your participation.

To encourage participation in the survey, 250 dollars will be offered in compensation to three respondents chosen at random.

Patrick Mundler and Lota Dabio Tamini, professor at Laval University

Stevens Azima, PhD student, Laval University

This project was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Laval University: Approval No. 2017-088 A-1/ 03-01-2018.

Additional information:

If you have any questions about the research or the implications of your participation, please contact Patrick Mundler, at the following telephone number:

Complaints or criticisms:

Should you have any complaints or criticisms regarding your participation in this research project, you may contact the office of the Ombudsman of Laval University confidentially at the following address: Alphonse-Desjardins Pavilion, office 3320 | 2325, rue de l’université, Université Laval, Québec, Quebec G1V 0A6 | (418) 656-3081 ǁ Toll Free: 1-866-323-2271 | by email:

This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.