Kickstarter: Support City Beet Farm!

Posted by Michalina Hunter on September 23, 2019

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City Beet Farm turns front and backyards into small-scale farm sites. They prioritize the health of the soil and their community, and sell their vegetables via CSA and local pop-up markets.

City Beet needs your help!

In order to keep feeding their community with food that is good for people and the planet, they need some infrastructure upgrades. Pitch in to help them build a solar-powered mobile veggie trailer! Plus the perks are pretty sweet.

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We are currently growing produce on 15 different urban farm sites making up 1/2 an acre of land. In our community-supported veggie box program, from June to October, our members pick-up an abundance of freshly harvested vegetables grown by us locally in the neighbourhood.

Over the course of this growing season, we doubled the area of the farm. This has enabled us to grow food for a lot more people, but we are feeling the constraints of our limited farm infrastructure. To continue to provide our community with local food, we came up with the idea to build a Mobile Urban Farm Unit–a solar-powered trailer that triples as a cooler, wash station and pop-up market stall.

We know that other urban farms face similar infrastructure constraints, and our goal is to openly share the design plans for this trailer with other urban farmers. After piloting this project, we hope that this model can be replicated by other aspiring farmers and increase food security in urban areas. For fellow farmers in Vancouver, we would like to share the use of the Mobile Urban Farm Unit trailer itself, so we can work together to increase access to local food in Vancouver.

Have a question? You can catch us farming in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, or drop us a line at You can find both us and our produce at our bi-weekly markets at the Federal Store until October 6th!

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