An internship posting is a hands-on opportunity for people to learn the skills necessary to become a farmer. Farmers should spend time in the field with interns to help them learn the trade, and provide access to additional learning resources (e.g. books, knowledgeable farm neighbours, etc.). To post on the YA website, the expectation is that you are using ecological/organic practices, and that you are offering a fair and equitable opportunity that complies with labour regulations in your province. All provinces have different rules on farm internship employment regulations. We require farms to offer at least minimum wage in their province. More information on labour laws by province here. 

The difference between a Farm Job and a Farm Internship, is that internships often have a room and board option available on the farm, and potentially a formalized Education Fee to compensate the Farmer for time spent training the Intern. Please note that it is not legal for farms to require workers to live on the farm. A well structured agreement with an intern will charge separately for room, board and education, and pay at least minimum wage.

Note that as of spring 2021, we will only post paid internship opportunities. Please see our blog post that goes into more detail about why we’ve made these changes. 

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