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Posted by Michalina Hunter on March 08, 2020

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Gender Equality For Food Sustainability

In celebration of all the hard-working women in the food system, is donating 25% of all sales from eight highlighted women-led vendors to Young Agrarians! Thank you!

Buy from any of their women-owned vendors this month and a portion of your purchase will support aspiring women farmers in BC and Alberta. Get groceries, grow a farmer!

>> Shop SPUD’s Women-Owned Businesses <<

Funds raised will go towards the Young Agrarians B.C. Business Mentorship Network, and the Alberta Apprenticeship Program, which pair up new and seasoned farmers to cultivate skills for running ecologically sustainable and financially viable businesses.

Get to know the Women Farmers in our network

Spotlight on Ashala, Sapo Bravo Organics

Lillooet, BC

sapo bravo organics, young agrarians, womens day,, spud

“I am Ashala Daniel from Sapo Bravo Organics, an off grid farm near Lytton, BC. I sell my heat-loving produce weekly to Vancouver restaurants and at Trout Lake Farmers Market from June to October.”

sapo bravo organics, young agrarians, womens day,, spud

 “I am participating in the  Young Agrarians Business Mentorship Network 2020 cohort. Connecting with my mentor, DeLisa Lewis from Green Fire Farms has been a humbling and inspiring experience. Through weekly conversations with my Mentor and attending a Young Agrarians webinar series, I have become much more focused on the details of my business. This has built my confidence in implementing necessary strategies to record my progress and therefore succeed. The Business Mentorship program has given me the tools to use my time wisely and efficiently to make my farm work for me, instead of me working for my farm. The year 2020 will see me running a much tighter ship with a solid mission of promoting an off-grid, sustainable lifestyle which is unique to my farming operation.”

Spotlight on Kay Rollans

Edmonton, Alberta

young agrarians, womens day,, spud

“My name is Kay Rollans, and I was part of the 2019 cohort of Young Agrarians Alberta apprentices. I worked for a season with Ryan Mason on his farm, Reclaim Organics. Reclaim is an organic vegetable and microgreens producer in central Alberta that sells its produce at farmers’ markets in Edmonton and Lakedell, and to Edmonton area restaurants and grocers.”

“Growing food has always been something I’ve dabbled in, but before participating in the Young Agrarians’ apprenticeship program I’d never really gotten my hands dirty. In other words, it was hard to imagine getting involved in agriculture on a scale larger than my own balcony. Working at Reclaim, and attending Young Agrarians workshops and mixers not only gave me the skills and confidence to pursue my desire to grow food, but also introduced me to a vibrant and growing community of food producers in Alberta who are committed to sustainable, regenerative, and just farming practices and food systems. The Young Agrarians program gave me the incredible opportunity both to learn about and to experience the future of food production in this province. More than that, it has given me the opportunity to be part of it. This season, I will be collaborating on urban farming projects around Edmonton.”

Get groceries, grow a farmer!

>> Shop SPUD’s Women-Owned Businesses <<


SPUD is a sustainable online grocery service operating in BC and Alberta.

Since they started in 1997, they’ve been committed to providing simple access to real, healthy, local food.
  • They are a Certified B Corporation
  • Their mission is to provide a sustainable food system and to support our customers “be part of the solution”
  • You can check your postal code here before signing up to see if SPUD delivers in your area and what days a week they are there. Happy shopping!

SPUD’s Mission

  • Our goal is to create relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen/women, bakers, and artisans, to make it easy for you to have the freshest ingredients and amazing products delivered directly to your home or office.
  • We believe that food should be healthy, so we partner with local producers and farmers who you can trust; real people who have integrity, who respect our environment, who care about our community, people who value sustainable farming practices and believe in the humane treatment of animals.
  • We select local ingredients from partners who care about your food and our environment. 

About Young Agrarians

Young Agrarians is a farmer to farmer resource network for new and young ecological, organic, and regenerative farmers. We offer the support, mentorship, and community that young farmers need to succeed. 

Canada needs a new generation of thriving, viable, ecological farmers.

Ecological farmers help our communities and planet by…

  • Growing good, clean, fair food
  • Keeping our air, water, and soil safe with better farming practices 
  • Preserving biodiversity 
  • Mitigating climate change and increasing the resilience of agriculture to its impacts

Ecological farmers play an important role in the future health and well-being of our planet. Unfortunately, farmers represent less than 1.6% of the population in Canada and that number is shrinking; young farmers 35 and under represent only 9% of that number. 

The fact is that it’s hard to grow new farmers. New farmers often face barriers to entering the farming industry like gaining access to land, business knowledge, and experience. 

That’s why we are supporting ecological farmers by offering on and off-farm educational events (ranging from farm tours and potlucks to one to two day mixers, small-scale farming workshops and more), a B.C. Business Mentorship program that pairs up new farms in start-up with experienced mentors, the B.C. Land Matching Program to pair land owners with farmers seeking land, and the Alberta Apprenticeship Program; as well as extensive online resources and services. Learn more about Young Agrarians here.

Yes, I want to donate to Young Agrarians!

Thank you for supporting women farmers!

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