SOIL Apprenticeships 3-Pack: Three Great Farms Offering Apprenticeship Experiences This Season

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SOIL Apprenticeships links Canadian farmers willing to take on and train apprentices with people wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices.

We aim to create apprenticeships which transfer lasting knowledge to both the farmer and the apprentice. Established in 1989 as a non-profit organization, our goals are to encourage the growth of sustainable agriculture and to expose potential apprentices to a rural lifestyle.

Our site cooperates with 75 farms across the country, including the three below. More info at

Opportunity 1
YA 2.3

Location: Southern New Brunswick

Focus: Organic Veggies

Description: Come join three friends on our picturesque farm just outside the historic town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, NB. Venturing into our ninth year of farming we are growing on two acres of mixed vegetables for an 90 share CSA, the St. Andrews Farmer’s market, and several local restaurants. We have five greenhouses/tunnels, a tractor, and 100 acres of hayfields, forest, ponds, and sandy beach – it’s only a five minute walk from hard work in the field to a cool dip in the ocean! George and Peggy, the resident horses, always welcome a friendly visit, especially if you are holding carrots or apples. We invite you to enjoy vegetarian meals with us in the farm house and take part in the post-meal banter that is a part of our learning experience. There is also the option of local, free range, organic meat.

Opportunity 2

YA 2.2

Location: Peace River, Alberta

Focus: Grass-based farming/Livestock

Description: Work with Peter, a soil consultant, and Mary and their son on a 640 acre ranch close to the banks of the Peace River in northern Alberta. Aspen, birch, spruce, pine, and willow shelter belts provide wildlife habitat for moose, deer, beaver, foxes, coyotes, grouse, partridge, and migratory birds. The ranch is close to the town of Peace River that has full services, shopping, indoor swimming pool, and community theatre. There is a campground just across the river accessible by ferry where locals go horseback riding, 4 wheel biking, hiking, and canoeing on the river. In the winter there is a ski hill and cross country skiing.

These farmers hope to share their knowledge with others and help the next generation of farmers You will learn about grass based farming, planned grazing of cattle and sheep, pasture calving and lambing, animal nutrition, soils, and mineral balancing. Also you will learn about compost tea brewing and application, Holistic Management, low stress livestock handling, fencing, carpentry, pollination of alfalfa using leafcutter bees and traditional nutrition following the teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation. You will also learn about selling at the market, use of farm equipment, carpentry, food preservation, milking, and woodworking.

The ranch family has 4 grown children with one son still at home. You will live in a separate house, with appliances and eat most meals in the main house depending on the work schedule. A minimal to moderate stipend will be paid depending on length of stay and expertise.

Opportunity 3
YA 2.4

Location: Courtenay, BC

Focus: Fruit/Veggies/Herbs

Description: A 7 acre farm, an educational and healing centre in a peaceful setting. We are a medical herbalist and a retired soil biologist, organic master gardener, and horticulture therapist. We use the fruit and nut orchard, apothecary, culinary herbs, and vegetable gardens as teaching tools for Interns, from seeds to seedlings to the CSA box program, workshops, and other events. We are passionate and concerned about the environment, food security, growing nutritious produce, soil biodiversity, and healthy lifestyle. We are close to Royston beach and Comox Lake, at the edge of a large wilderness wooded area with beautiful trails, on the bus route to Courtenay.

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