SOIL Apprenticeships 3-Pack: Three Cool Farms Offering Apprenticeship Opportunities This Summer

Posted by Jordan Marr on January 13, 2014

SOIL Apprenticeships links Canadian farmers willing to take on and train apprentices with people wanting to work and learn on an organic farm using sustainable practices.

We aim to create apprenticeships which transfer lasting knowledge to both the farmer and the apprentice. Established in 1989 as a non-profit organization, our goals are to encourage the growth of sustainable agriculture and to expose potential apprentices to a rural lifestyle.

Our site cooperates with 75 farms across the country, including the three below. More info at

Opportunity 1Keremoes Veggie Farm

Location: Similkimeen Valley, near Keremeos

Focus: Small-scale veggie production

Description: Our small 5 acre family farm is located in the beautiful semi-arid Similkimeen Valley. With an abundance of delicious clean water, loamy topsoil and many hot sunny days we grow awesome veggies for our weekly CSA and local farmer’s market. With only 6 seasons of farming under our belts, we are still learning how to be more effective efficient growers while still stay true to our values of hands on, sustainable agriculture. Most of what we do on the farm is human powered and we enjoy working long hard days in the sunshine. Our goal is to provide tasty, nutritious food for our community and our family.

We love to eat our farm fresh food!

This year we would like to start some biodynamic practises as well as take on a few beehives so any individuals with an interest in those things would be great. Our intern will learn all aspects of small market farming and hopefully gain skills and knowledge to help them start up their own farm. The world needs more farmers.

Interns will receive accommodation and farm food as well as a monthly stipend. The river is only a 10 minute walk away and is awesome for lounging on off days or cooling off after a long hot one.

Location: a few minutes from Keremeos, BC

Opportunity 2
Endeavor Apprenticeship

Location: Endeavor, Saskatchewan

Focus: Pastured Beef and Poultry

Description: Become a student of Holistic Ranch Management – Join Sam & Janeen and Lyle & Grace for a season of rewarding work and learning on our direct-marketing, grass-based farm and butchershop! Our farm is located 10 miles west of Endeavour, SK, in the well-treed edge of the Porcupine Provincial Forest which is loaded with trails and big game. The whole farm is 1920 acres but the whole forest is there to explore on horse, quad or foot! A few tiny but beautiful lakes are close by for fishing, swimming or canoeing.

Specifically you will learn about and work with Pastured chickens and turkeys, including butchering, free-range pigs and grass-fed beef and a milking 4 Jersey cows. You will learn Planned Grazing on spreadsheets as well as practically. There may be opportunity to do some meat-cutting and packaging as well as go along on deliveries. Some help will be needed in the family garden. Guest rooms or a slide-out camper are available to stay in and healthy traditional food (WAPF) meals are provided (help with clean-up is appreciated) A 500/month stipend will be paid and a bonus at the end of the season for an exceptional job.

Opportunity 3Organic beef and lamb

Location: Bridgetown, Nova Scotia

Focus: Pastured Organic Beef and Lamb

Description: This old family farm produces organic beef, hay, feed and eggs as main crops as well as self-sufficient gardening, conventional honey, lamb and goat. They have a few hundred acres of mixed farmland, old orchard and wood lot in the Annapolis Valley with lots of opportunity to learn new skills such as animal birthing, vegetable growing, livestock care, marketing, and food preservation. They are looking for 1-2 flexible apprentices and are willing to help the apprentice(s) in their special areas of interest. Live and eat with the family. Their goal is to be able to make a living from the farm but also to make the farm a better, healthier place for everyone. For apprentices interested in the business part of the farming, the opportunity to run the market garden is available. We’ll provide the assistance to make it happen.