SMALL FARM WORKSHOP: Tips and Tools for Small-Scale, Diversified Farmers – Vancouver, BC

Posted by Moss Dance on January 15, 2017

Small Farm Workshop

The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation is pleased to host a day-long workshop series for farmers practicing small-scale, diversified agriculture. The event will bring together farmers and specialists in soil health, IPM, microclimate management and organics. If you’re looking for a day of practical, hands-on, collaborative small farm learning, this is the event for you! Our goal is for new entrant and experienced farmers alike to walk-away with a number of decision-making tools, new skills and resourced that will enhance operations on their unique farms. Lunch will be served and all farmers, farm staff, interns, etc. are welcome!

We are looking for farmers who would like to share a specific case study and receive collective feedback from other farmers and topic specialists. If you are interested in taking advantage of this great learning opportunity please contact Elana at

Workshops will include:

  • Soil Health, Compost Quality & Soil Test Interpretation w/ Art Bomke & Elana Evans (UBC & SPEC)
  • Integrative Pest Management for Small-Scale Diversified Agriculture w/ Kiara Jack & Dru Yates (ES Cropconsult)
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring and Microclimate Management Using Sensors, Low-Tunnels & Mulch (TBA)
  • Farmer Perspective Case Studies – Collaborative Feedback on Challenging Issues w/Rochelle Eisen (Canadian Organic Growers) 

WHERE: UBC Botanical Garden

DATE & TIME: January 29th 2017; 8:45 am – 5:00 pm

Register for the event: