Seeking entrepreneurial farmers to grow profitable organic operation in Northern BC

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Garry and Wendy Lowe of Twin Meadows Organics have long been champions of environmentally responsible and financially sustainable farming. Their highly successful operation near McBride, BC has served as model for farming in the north central interior – a model they are eager and willing to share with the next generation of farmers.

Garry and Wendy have built purchasing relationships with several buyers over the years, including The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Discovery Organics, Overwaitea Food Group and a 70 member CSA type program in Jasper. They have been overwhelmed by the demand for quality certified organic product and are concerned that their operation can no longer meet this demand. This is where you come in.

Like many others, Garry and Wendy offer apprenticeships and training on their farm. Where Garry and Wendy differ is in the innovative apprenticeship model they’ve designed to seamlessly transition an apprentice into a full-time independent farmer. Not only are apprentices on Twin Meadows Organics offered financial compensation for their work, they are also assigned their own private garden plot, which they can manage independently and risk-free with the guarantee and safety of selling their produce back to Twin Meadows, so their focus can be on learning how to be successful organic growers.  Much like an incubator farm, apprentice garden plots on Twin Meadows Farm come with the space, equipment, tools, seeds, and knowledge needed to start a successful market garden. Twin Meadows then goes beyond the traditional incubator model by being a guaranteed customer for their new farmers. First year apprentices can expect to earn a minimum of $1500 in sales from the private garden plots, in addition to their compensation earned for work on the farm.  Graduates of the program will have options to expand their private garden plots and transition into full-time independent micro-farmers on Twin Meadows Farm, in a future growing season.

Garry and Wendy are passionate about the Robson Valley and the opportunities it offers for young farmers. They are currently seeking apprenticeship applications for the 2014 season, and will select candidates who demonstrate a commitment to certified organic production and an interest in relocating to the Robson Valley where quality farmland is still available for reasonable prices.

This opportunity is very real and very ready. No other internship in the province offers training, land, equipment, supplies, financial compensation and a guaranteed customer.

Young Agrarians interested in this opportunity should contact Garry and Wendy Lowe at Twin Meadows Organics. 250-569-7810


4 thoughts on “Seeking entrepreneurial farmers to grow profitable organic operation in Northern BC

  1. I am interested in moving to the Mount Robson Valley Corridor area and am looking for agriculture career opportunities.

    1. I think the person to get in touch with in Northern BC is Jillian Merick. Please email her here: She may have some leads for you.

      Best of luck,

      Sara D.

  2. Hey I just came across this article, I am very interested in growing organics in Northern BC. Living in Mackenzie, no one has an interest in developing a farm operation, I have found agricultural reserve land that has literally been untouched since it was originally logged. I’m just having a hard time reaching out to the government about attaining some of this land.

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