Seed Grow Outs 2016

Posted by Moss Dance on March 17, 2016

The Seed Grow Outs, a collaboration with Seeds of Diversity Canada & FarmFolk CityFolk, are designed to help farmers experiment with different varieties of crops and observe how different varieties grow for seed in diverse environments across the country. Participating farmers grow out designated quantities of seed from regionally-adapted vegetable and field crop varieties, fill out crop descriptor forms for those varieties, and send designated quantities of seed to Seeds of Diversity’s Seed Library. You can grow out your own seed or request seed from the Seeds of Diversity Seed Library.
Leek seed heads at Amara Farm, Comox Valley, BC. Credit: Michelle Root
Leek seed heads at Amara Farm, Comox Valley, BC. Credit: Michelle Root

 Participating in the program lets you:

  • experiment with seed production and try new seed varieties
  • improve your seed-saving skills 
  • build a regionally-adapted seed supply for seeds you want to grow 
  • bulk up the supply of local, ecologically-grown seeds to exchange with other farmers and seed growers

To top it all off, participants are paid for their final submissions of seeds with documentation: $100 per annual variety, $200 per biennial overwintered in the field and $300 per variety requiring overwintering in cold storage, with a max of $300/participant.

For more info check out the Vegetable Seed Grow Overview and program FAQ.

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