LAND OPPORTUNITY: Rugged, Backcountry Haven in the Fraser Canyon – Clinton, BC

Posted by Pascale Schittecatte on May 08, 2023

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This 160 acre parcel on a bench high above the Fraser River is a unique, dramatic, and inspiring opportunity for bold, self sufficient farmers. 35km North of Lillooet up the Fraser Canyon, this rugged, remote property is about an hour from the closest town (by road), Clinton, but has the climate (sunny, windy, and arid) and ecology (sagebrush/ ponderosa/ grassland) of a slightly colder Lillooet or Lytton.

The owners use several acres for gardens, orchards, animals and housing, beyond which several areas could be used for farming projects. Adjacent to the road, there is about an acre of gently sloping, unmaintained alfalfa field and 20+ acres of raw, uncultivated grassland on a 10-15 degree sloping open bench. A small, sheltered, open forested area hugs the creek. The remaining 2/3 of the long, narrow property is a wild grassland plateau only accessible by strong legs. Topsoil on the property is a windblown, alkaline, low-fertility, well-drained silty loam that responds well to amendment and is often mixed with rocky mineral soil from the mountain.



An unusual and exciting opportunity for competent, confident folks who have spent significant time in the backcountry, this stunning spot is one of only two inhabited properties on the little-known 20+ km of breathtaking High Bar Road. This place is not for the faint of heart. It’s hot in summer, cold in winter, and extremely windy in between… but it’s also sunny most days of the year. Bordered on two sides by a rarely used wilderness park, the views are vast, night skies are dark, and you can walk as far as your legs can take you without running into anyone but a bighorn. It’s completely off-grid, outside cell service, requires a 4WD (or AWD) vehicle, and water is gravity-fed from the creek. This isn’t a land match for aspiring market gardeners, but might be a great fit for those interested in apiculture, a hardy perennial nursery, small scale/ specialty livestock, experiments in developing heat and drought tolerant crop varieties, specialty crop cultivation, and/ or any crops with a marketing plan that makes sense for a remote place down a terrible road.

Several spots on the property would be beautiful sites for a tiny home, prospector tent or other non-permanent housing. The owners will work together with farmers to sort out solutions for sharing water (gravity-fed from the dynamic, year-round creek), sharing or producing power (100% solar), and managing fire risk and waste.



Owned by an energetic but introverted couple in their 30s who have been in the area for about 8 years, the ideal candidate would be an ambitious couple with backcountry know-how, and the resources, drive and grit to squeeze some productivity out of these lands, and enjoy this beautiful, rugged place. As help is often unavailable, or too far away, candidates should have experience with what they’d like to farm as well as strong research/ learning/ troubleshooting skills. Using what’s around, collaborating to figure things out, and meticulously planning trips to town are unavoidable parts of this remote lifestyle. The owners employ mostly no-till, water efficient, permaculture-adjacent methods, and don’t use any large machinery. Those with compatible approaches would likely be the best fit.

Candidates should carefully review the comprehensive UMap listing and realistically consider whether the challenges inherent in this incredible location feel attractive or terrifying!



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