#RISINGYOUTH community service grants

Posted by Michalina Hunter on October 20, 2021

Do you have a simple project idea to support your community?

#RisingYouth is a program led by TakingITGlobal that empowers young people aged 15 to 30 across Canada to give back to their community through grants of $250, $750, and $1,500.


Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. You’ll hear from them within 30 days of applying!

risingyouth grants

They are currently prioritizing grant applications that respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
All grantees and projects must comply with applicable public health guidelines in their province or territory.
Please postpone applications for any projects involving in-person gatherings until the relevant community facilities re-open.
They encourage you to consider having your event or activity offered virtually via online social media and conferencing tools.

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Who’s Eligible?

To be eligible, the project must:

  • ✓ Be led and created by a youth (ages 15 to 30) who is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or has been granted refugee status in Canada
  • ✓ Be self-initiated and not done on behalf of, or for an organization, other than a volunteer-led youth organization or club
  • ✓ Be new and distinct, ie, not be the continuation of an existing program offered by an organization or service in the community
  • ✓ Have a service-related (volunteerism) aspect or activity to relevant equipment purchases
  • ✓ Be an initiative that will positively impact the community and be done during volunteered time
  • ✓ Recruit and involve project team members to help you in implementing the project
  • ✓ Started and finished within 90 days and have a primary focus on an impact in Canada
  • ✓ Be accompanied by the submission of a final report, up to 30 days after the project completion which contains receipts from all purchases
  • ✓ Be executed safely adhering to the Public Health guidelines as stated by the Government of Canada, including provincial, territorial and Indigenous governments

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