Ranch Job: Provost, AB – SP Cattle Company

Posted by Dana Penrice on May 09, 2018

Looking for an opportunity in ranching? Check out this job opportunity with SP Cattle Company.

About The Ranch

Our family started into the meat business because like many Canadians we believe in the importance of environmental sustainability and also valued the social benefits of agriculture, such as egalitarianism and the contribution of rural and small-town perspectives to society. In 2008, Sandra and Preston, invested in the ranching side of the business.

The Ranch is located near Elkwater, Alberta. At present, the land is certified organic by Ecocert. In past years we were able to certify the cattle and meat and we want to get back there, but at present can’t as some of the animals have to go to a community pasture for part of the year. But until we get back there we still don’t use growth hormones, antibiotics or other needless injections, if some of the cattle becomes sick, we remove that individual from our meat program and sell into the commodity market.

In May 2016, Sandra, took over Tango’s Meats, located in the West End, Vancouver. We are glad we took the plunge. It’s all about the ideas, the living things and the people – and providing flavourful, healthy food.


About the Position

Salaried position organic ranch near Provost, Alberta, winter feeding and calving Nov.15-May 15, generally half-year full-time.  No accommodation but mobile home on serviced lot rent-free OK.  Piggybacking OK.  $12,000-$16,000/year depending experience with performance bonus.  Email nathan@tangosmeats.com.”