LAND OPPORTUNITY: 8.5 acres Organic Orchard, Keremeos, BC – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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This 8.5 acre working Certified Organic orchard is located in Keremeos, B.C.  There are 5.5 acres in high density apples, 0.3 acres nectarines and 0.25 acres in a root stock nursery.  The orchard is currently in its peak production years.  The crops are sold primarily to the local organic packing house and through some private sales.  All the last 18 years of crop records and financial records are available.  The land has been farmed and kept up to a very high standard for the last 19 years.  The soil is rocky but excellent for tree fruit and vines– well drained and no frost pockets.  One area has some heavier soil with no rocks that would be more amenable for annual crops. There is also .3 of an acre block that has been pulled out and is ready to re-plant. The property is fully irrigated by district water.  

There is a barn on site for storage, and a small cooler used for nectarines and for the root stock. There is a shower on-site for farm workers, food safe compliant washing stations and a port a potty. Basically, this whole functioning operation is set up and ready to go.

The farmers have all the necessary equipment to run the place and are open to conversations about selling or leasing the equipment to the new leasing farmer.  In addition, for the last 4 years they have been developing electric machines for the orchard.  They use these machines for pruning, thinning, and picking apples. These electric platforms have mostly replaced the ladders and have made the job easier and safer for the workers. This R&D project has been 100% financed by the farm.



Their goal is to continue to see the land farmed organically and responsibly.  The ideal candidate(s) will have past experience with certified organic farming practices and protocols, and are confident in their ability to fully manage this operation.  Additionally, as the owners are located right on the property, they are open to discussing providing additional support, as a valuable and knowledgeable resource. 

The current farmers have supported their family for the last 19 years on the income from this farm – it has been their primary income – it is a good livelihood and they are now ready to retire.  It is a full-time job for 1.5 people.  This orchard would need to be the number one focus of the new farmer, as they don’t want to see a management type company who is just adding to their portfolio.

While the apple and nectarine trees, and the rootstock nursery, are healthy and produce high yields (and it is the owner’s preference that they continue to be farmed), they also recognize that potential candidates may be interested in diversifying production to other crops.  They are open to discussing future alternative plantings and both short and long term lease options.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who shares in organic values and wants a healthy farming lifestyle that earns a good living!


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