SUMMER 2017: Organic Market Garden Intensives, Linnaea Farm, Cortes Island, BC

Posted by Kristen Nammour on February 12, 2016

The world is starved for people able to enrich the planet while improving soil and human ecology.

You’ve dreamed of making a livelihood growing food and raising livestock, but are unsure of how to take the next step.

This summer at LINNAEA FARM we offer a week long program to inoculate you with ideas and techniques to get your garden growing!

TWO DATES: July 8 – 15 OR August 11-18

WHERE: Linnaea Farm, Cortes Island, BC

TOPICS COVERED: Sense of Place, phenology, planning & marketing, seed sowing and saving, record keeping, animal husbandry, compost & making the most of soil, pests & weeds, practical permaculture and year round cropping.

The days will be filled with lectures and hands-on training in the field to reinforce and give context to the lessons.

COST: $1400 if you’d like to stay on the farm. If you’re staying off-farm the cost is $950


ABOUT: Linnaea Farm is a beautiful land trust located on Cortes Island, B.C. Situated on the edge of a small lake, it comprises 315 acres of rich forests, fields, gardens and orchards.

The Linnaea Farm Society placed conservation covenants on Linnaea Farm, dividing the land into four different zones. Each zone provides a different type of protection to the land. Organic farming methods must be used in the Agriculture Zone. Harvest of forest products in the Forest Zone must be sustainable. The Protected Zones are free from human activity, except for limited trail use. The Residential Zone is the least restrictive, allowing resident stewards to conduct activities necessary for home and farm maintenance while protecting the lakefront.

The farm is located amidst an environmental cornucopia. The lake offers swimming, canoeing, fishing and habitat for beaver, otter, mink, and many water birds. Short day hikes offer spectacular views of the local waters, islands, snow-capped mountains, and old growth forest. The ocean is nearby for shoreline adventures, kayaking, and fishing. Edible mushrooms and seafood abound.

It is here that a small group of adults and children have chosen to live, work the land, and learn together ways of putting their vision of personal and earth stewardship into practice. These resident stewards operate a small organic farm, with a market garden, CSA, farm stand – selling vegetable and ornamental plant starts, and meat sales.

In addition to several gardens of annual and perennial vegetables, herbs, berries and ornamentals, there are 30 acres of pasture and hay fields with cows, sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens.

In keeping with the mandate of the Linnaea Farm Society the resident stewards also offer gardening classes, permaculture design courses and workshops for skills in sustainable living using the rich resources of Linnaea Farm.