Opportunity: Edmonton Food Council Seeking New Members

Posted by Dana Penrice on April 21, 2017

Would you like to join the Edmonton Food Council? The 2017 applications close on April 30, 2017.

Apply here. 

The Edmonton Food Council was created as a committee of administration in 2013, as a Strategic Direction in line with fresh: Edmonton’s Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy, with a mandate to advise and act on the implementation of the strategy.  The Food Council is made up of 15 citizen volunteers who are actively involved in food systems work.

Vision and Mandate
The Edmonton Food Council shares the vision held in fresh, namely, that Edmonton has a resilient food and agriculture system that contributes to the local economy and the overall cultural, financial, social and environmental sustainability of the city.

As a volunteer committee of the City, the Food Council’s primary role is to advise and act on City of Edmonton administration on matters related to the ongoing implementation of fresh: Edmonton’s Food and Urban Agriculture Strategy. They will help to provide oversight and support to the ongoing implementation of the recommendations in fresh. Specific activities that the Food Council may undertake to perform this role include:

  • providing advice to the City and other key stakeholders;
  • monitoring and reporting on the progress of implementation;
  • identifying emerging issues and opportunities;
  • proposing key work priorities to the City;
  • maintaining relationships with the food and urban agriculture community;
  • engaging with the community on relevant and timely issues;
  • facilitating connections between key players, such as various City departments, community partners and local food businesses.