OCT 29th & 30th – FERINTOSH, AB Level 1 Beekeeping Certificate Course with Eliese Watson

Posted by Dana Penrice on September 01, 2016

Grass Roots Family Farm is pleased to be partnering with ABC Bees to offer a Level One Beekeeping Certificate for hobby beekeepers in an urban and rural setting. The 16 hour intensive beekeeping course will offer everything you need to know to begin beekeeping. The course is taught by Eliese Watson, founder of ABC Bees and advocate for legalizing urban beekeeping in Edmonton. Travelling all-over North America teaching and mentoring under beekeepers such as Corwin Bell, Sam Comfort, and Kirk Anderson. Eliese has a wide knowledge of natural beekeeping practices with both Top Bar Hive and Langstroth equipment.

Course includes textbook, hand outs, resources, home cooked meal, coffee/tea service and light refreshments.

Cost $295.00 Register at Grass Root Family Farm Website

About the instructor:

2-dsc-5432-lrEliese Watson started ABC Bees in 2010 and has shared her passion for honey bees and building connections to the community through bees all over North America. A happy mother, beekeeper, fisher-woman, hiker, baker, and chopper of wood; Eliese loves being outside and talking about BEES! She is so proud of the community that has supported her and her dream of building a beekeeping company that was focussed on educating the public on hive management, urban stewardship for native bees, and youth programs and outreach. In 2014-15, Eliese and a group of dedicated beekeepers in Edmonton were able to overturn the ban on urban beekeeping within the city. Now, ABC Bees Level One Beekeeping Certificate is an approved course for the City of Edmonton beekeeping license application.


The course is set to take place at the Ferintosh Hi U Centre on Beaver Street, Glenmuir Ave Ferintosh.

Weather permitting there will also be an afternoon tour of the apiary at Grass Roots Family Farm, only a 5 minute drive.