O-Town Young Agrarians Final Round Down!

Posted by Julie Baribeau on February 20, 2015 2 Comments

YA-lasses and gents,

Here are the final dets for next Thursday’s Young Agrarians event, February 26th upstairs at the West End Well Co-op (969 Wellington Street West, Ottawa). If you can please confirm if you are coming by next Monday that will help us know numbers! If you say you are on the fb event, we’ll take that as an RSVP. It’s important so that we know we’re not over capacity!

1) On your mark: The event starts at 6pm so that if you want to buy dinner or coffee or whatever treat suits your fancy, you’ll have time. Note that this behaviour is very much encouraged as it directly benefits West End Well awesomeness.

2) Get set: Starting at 6:30pm, we have a bit of fun and informational programming planned to help us get settled in. Special guests that will captivate our attention include:

i) Jeremy Colbeck: He’ll give us a short intro on what the Young Agrarians are all about! (Thanks a ton to this fellow YA organizer for offering to replace Ayla Fenton who’s been called on duty at the Via Campesina International Forum on Agroecology!)

ii) Jim Thompson: He’ll entertain us with some rock star farming lore. Prepare to see your friends or you on screen! And if you still have not posted your photo on the wall of the fb event, there might still be time… Do it, you never know which doors it might open 😉

iii) Leela Ramachandran: She’ll talk briefly about aforementioned WEW awesomeness.

iv) Back to Jeremy: He’ll facilitate getting to know who’s who.

3) Go: Now will be your time to truly shine, eat, drink, meet some would-be friends, reconnect with old ones, you know the deal. Jas Nasty from Mariposa farm has also offered up some of her special harvest mixes to get us in the groove.

4) Keep going: If you feel like you just can’t have enough, Jas invites us to this after-party

That’s it! We hope to see u there!

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