NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Michelle Dubois – Triple Lyoness Farm

Posted by Marsha Shack on November 07, 2023

Michelle Dubios is one of the apprentices who joined the 2023 cohort of the Young Agrarians Apprenticeship Program (YAAP) on the Prairies. YAAP is a full immersion initiative that pairs aspiring farmers with host farms to gain skills and knowledge on how to manage their own farms someday. Michelle’s host farm @triplelyonessfarm is near Westlock, Alberta and she shared with us her experience so far this season.

“Peanut and Pistachio were amongst our newest additions this week and they have a very interesting story. Pistachio was born the smaller of the twins and we had to bottle feed him for the first couple days. The twins however were separated due to mom not having enough milk.Pistachio stayed with mom and Peanut moved to her new adoptive mom #97 since she had lots of milk.
However, we made a mistake and let them out to pasture before they had fully bonded and adopted mom started ignoring Peanut.We then tried again with a new mom #61.  They instantly bonded and have been inseparable ever since.”

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Photos provided by Michelle Dubios

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