New Farmer Shout Out: Peace River, AB-Green Acres

Posted by Lilli Klamke on July 17, 2020

Are you looking for producers of fresh and local vegetables in the Peace Country?

Here they are! Katharina and John’s market garden is called “Green Acres”. They took on the challenge of producing fresh vegetables like peppers, leafy greens, cucumbers and much more in the oftentimes difficult climate of northern Alberta. They are not certified organic vegetable producers yet but are purposely not using any chemicals on their land and are following organically-oriented ways of vegetable production.

Katharina and John Klassen are in their second season of farming a little acreage just outside of Peace River, AB.  Each of them grew partially up on a farm and now that they have their own family, the couple was looking for an opportunity to pass on their strong work ethic to their five children.

The two new agrarians are thriving as they grow tasty and fresh food for their local customers. They are hoping to open up their strawberry patch as a u-pick operation in the future. Katharina and John are selling their produce at their farm stand and also offering their vegetables at the Peace River Farmers Market!

Green Acres lies right on the Highway, so if you ever see them in the garden, feel free to stop by for a chat!

Contact: or 780-625-1751


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