BRITISH COLUMBIA: Provincial Programs and Resources for New Farmers

Posted by Moss Dance on August 16, 2017

new farmer resources BC government

Are you a new farmer? Meet Emma Holmes, your new contact and support person at the BC Ministry of Agriculture! The following blog post is an introduction from Emma and an invitation to new farmers to connect and share ideas.

To encourage young  people  to get into farming and boost innovation in the agricultural sector, the Ministry of Agriculture is working on a New Entrant Strategy to support new farmers and food processors in the province.

The strategy includes creating a position for someone to 1) work closely with new farmers and 2) develop programs to serve new farmers. I recently started in that position, and as the New Entrant Agrologist, I want to let you know about the programs and resources currently available to you through the Ministry.

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me directly at or (604) 556-3057 if you have any questions related to farming or the Ministry’s current programs. I would also like to hear your ideas as to how we at the ministry could better support you and other new farmers in the province.

Emma Holmes - new farmer support