DEC 19: Introduction to Natural Cheese Making Workshop, Victoria, BC

Posted by Kristen Nammour on December 15, 2015

I met Natural Cheesemaker David Asher last spring at Bullock Lake Farm on Salt Spring Island. My partner and I were at the farm to set up part of our research project on Keyline water management. Bullock Lake Farm is a microcosm of young agrarian ingenuity, with a successful internship program, several research projects, two CSA programs (food and flowers), animals on pasture, and much more. Every time we’ve been there we’ve met incredible young farmers, like David, who are passionate about the culture of food.

David Asher is a farmer, and farmstead cheesemaker, more particularly a natural cheesemaker. His new book, The Art of Natural Cheesemaking, published by Chelsea Green is a manifesto to revive traditional methods of culturing dairy, without the use of store bought starters or synthetic additives. Check out his website The Black Sheep School of Cheesemaking for an in depth look into his though provoking methods and philosophy.

I was very keen to help organize (and take) a workshop with David, as I am a fermentation enthusiast. As an edible landscaper, and farmer’s market manager I am constantly thinking of local food production, and how to process and preserve food without losing nutrient quality. In my kitchen you will find water and milk kefir, sourdough starter, and multiple kinds of wine and sauerkraut occupying space, “counter culture” as David calls it. Learning how to make cheese through natural methods seems like an empowering skill to gain, one that goes hand in hand with creating a thriving local food culture.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to be hosting David this coming Saturday (December 19th, 1-4pm). David will be giving an Introduction to Natural Cheesemaking workshop at the beautiful new Nourish Kitchen & Cafe in Victoria BC.

An Introduction to Natural Cheesemaking: December 19th, 1-4PM

This will be an introductory course that looks into the making of basic rennet cheese curd, the foundational recipe from which nearly every type of rennet cheese evolves, including Camembert, which will be explored in detail. Kefir, a multifaceted probiotic and cheesemaking starter culture, will also be covered.

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