Naked on the Bluff #farmers4ALR

Posted by Sara Dent on April 18, 2014

I was thrilled for this photo to come in last week! Thank you to the young farmers at Sea Bluff Farms in Metchosin on Vancouver Island, for being brave enough to send this out over the airwaves. It caused quite a stir. The CBC found it and CKNW interviewed us yesterday to find out more about this ‘social media movement’ of young farmers posting felfies (farmer selfies) for the ALR. Its phenomenal to see what a photo, with a message added to it can do in social media land these days. Keep sending in your photos dear farmers! Bill 24 will go to a secound reading in May. To read more about the issue and why we want you to post and send us your #farmers4alr felfies, please click here: YA Blog Post on ALR.

Naked on the Bluff-1

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