OPPORTUNITY: NORTH COWICHAN, BC: Mossy Banks Farm Partnership

Posted by Moss Dance on September 12, 2017

Mossy Banks Farm

Mossy Banks Farm, a Permaculture farm in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, is looking for an individual or couple interested in partnering with an experienced farmer in a potential “profit share” partnership.

About Mossy Banks Farm

Mossy Banks is a mixed farm with animals, gardens and food forests. To become profitable, it needs the help of dedicated workers who can help the farmer implement the latest in best intensive organic practices for the vegetable gardens, for example, while also working with the permaculture systems of animal husbandry and the food forests already in place.

Mossy Banks Farm

Always willing to experiment and try new things and new approaches, Mossy Banks farmers want to realize the full potential of this farm, located on an amazing cache of peat soil (at least 12 feet deep in some places).

The initial offer is for free room and board (your own cabin) until the farm is turning a profit (hopefully by the end of the first summer of work together). At that point, the profit from the farm sales would be shared by the original and the new farmers.

To read more about Mossy Banks Farm, visit: https://mossybanks.wordpress.com


If interested, contain Lynn at lwytenbroek@shaw.ca or 250 597 3513 for more details. Only serious enquiries, please. References and resumes required. 

Mossy Banks Farm

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