AUG 13: KELOWNA, BC – Morning Dove Gardens Farm Tour & Potluck Social

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Morning Dove Gardens

Join us at Morning Dove Gardens in Kelowna, BC for a farm tour & potluck social! Please bring a dish to share and tools to eat with.

When: Sunday August 13th, 4:30pm – 9:00pm (potluck starts at 6:00pm)

Where: Morning Dove Gardens, 1945 Heimlich Road, Kelowna, BC


About Morning Dove Gardens

Morning Dove Gardens is a 4 acre bio-dynamic farm situated in the Mission area of Kelowna, BC—surrounded by picturesque willows, year round creeks, marsh land, forest and some of the most fertile soil in BC. The farm is rich in bio-diversity, with fruit trees, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, walnuts, hazelnuts, heritage breed chickens, a small herd of goats, bees, perennial herbs and a 1.5 acre vegetable garden.

Morning Dove Farmer, Matthew Hildebrandt says: “I am a lover of nature first and foremost. This above all else guides how and what we farm. We use as few inputs as we can. We never spray chemicals or use off-farm fertilizers. We don’t irrigate either. We grow mixed fruit and vegetables and some herbs. We also wild craft other medicinals and edibles from the nearby forest. We have a small herd of goats and sheep and a few laying hens. The animals are not used for meat or milk. We are still definitely a farm in progress as we are continually growing and shifting to fit our needs and what the farm wants to become.


Morning Dove Gardens Morning Dove Gardens


A unique quality of our farm is our extremely high water table. Which is both a benefit and a burden. Because of it we are able to farm without irrigation. But also we struggle with flooding and too much ground water from late fall to spring. Often making it impossible to plant or work sections of the garden.”

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Morning Dove Gardens

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