APRIL 15: NANAIMO, BC: Morgan Creek Farm Tour, Work Party & Potluck!

Posted by Moss Dance on April 06, 2018

Morgan Creek Farm

Join Aaron and family at Morgan Creek Farm in Nanaimo, BC for a tour of their emerging farm, lend a hand to help, and bring a dish to share for a potluck!

WHEN: April 15, from 1:00PM – 4:00PM

WHERE: Morgan Creek Farm, 2377 East Wellington Road, Nanaimo, BC


My wife, two daughters and I have lived in Nanaimo for over 8 years and have fallen in love with this area of town. Two years ago we bought a 7 acre run-down horse ranch (ALR) with neglected pasture, two massive apple trees and hay field. There’s a BIG barn with lots of potential (once the rotting boards were fixed) and a bunch of scattered horse shelters. They have been brought back to life and are serving as shelters for all our animals. Pigs, Sheep, Geese and Chickens. Turkeys are on the way! The small orchard was planted the first year and we are planning on adding more trees as we have time. We are keeping two beehives and have been thrilled with their amazing hard-working attitude. Ideal farm workers. As believers of a permaculture system, we built two huggel mounds and are moving towards rotational grazing and using livestock to regenerate soil health and productivity. Currently, the sheep are let out of the house regularly to graze, play, dig and generally enjoy the day. In the future, we may build a roadside stand/market/restaurant.

For more info about Morgan Creek Farm, visit: https://www.facebook.com/VanIslandFarm

Morgan Creek Farm


We are building a farm and would love to share our story, show you what we are up to and get some help with a few projects. We have a newly completed DIY greenhouse that used recycled wood and windows from the house renovation. We could get some helping painting it but there isn’t much to paint as it is mostly windows. If you like painting, we have a bunch of new honeybee boxes (supers) to paint (with no bees in them yet). We’ll also have a bunch more fruit trees to plant (holes are pre-dug). We may also need a hand (actually a bunch of hands) rock picking or load them into wheelbarrows to get our pasture ready for seeding this spring. Also, we have a possible project of constructing a chicken tractor.


We have animals on the farm that help us do work. Sheep keep the grass down, the pigs turn the soil, add organic matter, and remove weeds. The chickens scratch and work the soil. Our neighbour gives us tons of horse manure that we are using to build soil in a dry gravelly area that we will be one of our chicken tractor fields.

Morgan Creek Farm


Sturdy shoes and gloves are recommended!

For the potluck, please bring a dish to share, tools to eat and serve with. We can provide the plates. We do have animals on the farm (including our dog) so please be aware and leave your dog at home. We also have bees but the only person who’s been stung is me (the beekeeper). If you are allergic, please keep your distance (from the bees).


Parking is limited but there is room up near the barn. Carpool or biking is encouraged.