March 8/9 Farmer Mixer With Jean-Martin Fortier: Delicious

Posted by Jordan Marr on March 09, 2014

Having just returned from the Young Agrarians mixer in Kelowna that took place this weekend, let me warn any of those aspiring or current market gardeners still on the (deer) fence about attending upcoming events in the Kootenays, Vancouver Island, and elsewhere: you don’t want to miss out on what Jean-Martin has in store for you. 

Preceding today’s all-day presentation from JM, I had read his new book. I had interviewed him too–for an hour, for my podcast. Yet what he delivered today was far from redundant. His 5+ hour session is crammed with the photos and elaborations that are missing from, and a perfect companion to, the book. And all of the 80+ in the room had tonnes of opportunities for follow-up questions.

Two things strike me about today’s talk:

1. I’d wager that not a single person left regretful of attending, or without new insights and ideas for their gardening.

2. With his book and presentations, JM is equipping legions of small-scale growers with the tools, techniques, and systems we need to, as a group, achieve the kind of efficiencies that will allow us to compete on level ground with our super-large-scale colleagues. Go get your ticket.


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