Looking for Land: New Home for Outdoor Education Program, Slocan Valley BC

Posted by Darcy Smith on September 20, 2018


The Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines are dedicated to offering teachings and services that enhance all people’s connection to nature, their creators and each other.

Programs offered educate children, youth and adults in earth honouring traditional indigenous teachings from the four nations of humanity. From fun and creative child and youth programs to deeply transformative adult education and personal healing they work to serve our community’s needs. This Outdoor Education Program is sanctioned and supported by Aboriginal hosting nation, the Sinixt.



Currently Four Nations provides exceptional indigenous cultural education and wellness programs in an engaging, safe and inspiring environment to people of all four colours from a seven acre property in Vallican, BC, located in the beautiful Slocan Valley. However, they are currently looking for a new home!

Four Nations is seeking a minimum of 5 acres where they could have a garden and undertake permaculture and wild harvesting practices. Their dream property would have housing for staff (3 bed house with space for an office, and possibly even a small cabin for more staff to live), an outdoor area, and covered areas, such as a carport or barn, for programming.


Due to the nature of the work Four Nations does, they have community members coming to the property on a regular basis for events, as well as education, recreation and wellness programs, so sufficient space for parking would be necessary as well as easily accessible year round. Ideally, a property backing onto crown land with a water source would be a huge asset.


If you have a land opportunity that sounds like it could be a good fit for Four Nations, please reach out to hailey@youngagrarians.org.

For more information about the B.C. Land Matching Program, and to learn about land opportunities and farmers looking for land in the Columbia Basin, please visit our Land page!

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