LOOKING FOR LAND: Farmer Seeking Vineyards on Vancouver Island

Posted by Azja Jones Martin on July 27, 2020

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Nice to meet you. Here is a little about who I am and my motivations for wanting to start a business. So—about me. I did not grow up on a farm. I never had the inclination to work in agriculture from a young age. Instead, I always loved the science and thought I would one day grow up to be a scientist. I achieved that goal and graduated with a diploma in Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology. There was a problem however—I hated being inside. I was an avid doer of most individual sports and didn’t like the sedentary life and conditions of laboratory work. On top of this, the work didn’t feel rewarding. I loved to create. Food was the only way that I found my creative side could shine through. I suppose it was the feeling of people getting together to enjoy something delicious and it was the thing that I made that allowed this to happen. I was facing a dilemma. How was I going to incorporate my desires into one career.

The solutions didn’t seem obvious to me in the beginning. It was at this crossroads in my life when I was working as a server. During one of my night shifts I was at a table, where I was trying to explain the influence of yeast and terroir (fancy French name for all the elements in nature that influence a vine) on a wine, when the answer hit me. I REALLY like wine. Could I make this into a career and what would that look like. That night, I started scanning the online world to see if there was a future for me in wine. I didn’t take me long to figure out I wanted to be a winemaker. Being a winemaker I could geek out on the science and at the end have a great product that I could share with others. But the best part was I could be outside—with the vines. I could really attune myself in nature to make something full circle. Yep, sold, this was what I wanted to do. It was easy to decide which university to attend because there was only one that offered a winemaking degree in Canada. I packed my bags for Ontario and never looked back.

After graduation I got a few full time gigs as oenology and viticulture researcher and assistant winemaker. I managed to sneak in a few harvests in New Zealand and Oregon before landing on Vancouver Island. After feeling disconnected from passion, culture, community, mentorship, etc. in my full time roles, I decided I would have to create something of my own to unify those values in the way I wanted. I am at the stage where I have gained enough experience and need to feel challenged again. Starting my own business would definitely achieve all these goals. So here I am looking for some vineyards and/or land—hoping one of my readers will be able to help me out.


In order to be a land based winery in British Columbia there are a few rules. First off, I will need to be on two acres of land with planted vines. Additionally, I have to produce 4500L of wine. This means I need at least five acres total to account for the 4500L of wine I need to make. I don’t mind if they are smaller parcels, located in different areas, the goal being trying to collect as many as I can to make up the 4500L. So even if you have a little bit of vines you aren’t interesting in managing I would be happy to help you out. I should point out, it would only be worth my while to make wine out of Vitis vinifera grapes. Some hybrids would be fine too but grapes like Concord aren’t suitable for wine. Although, I could distill concord for you and see what kind of spirit it would make.

If you have two acres of vines, a shed or barn and wouldn’t mind someone making wine on your property you are the person I am looking for. If you have the land but no vineyard I would be happy to assess the land to see if it would be vineyard worthy and plant a vineyard for you (or something else that the land would be suited to). Ideally, having the ability to park an RV on the property would help a great deal with costs and commuting. I have a pile of ideas and odd hobbies so please reach out if you have an interest, we could make something work. Finally, if there are any investors out there looking to take a chance on me I would be happy to discuss further.


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