SEPT 17: VICTORIA, BC – Lohbrunner Farm Tour and Land Stewardship Models for the Future

Posted by Moss Dance on September 12, 2017

Join us at Lohbrunner Community Farm for a farm tour, discussion on cooperatively managing farmland, potluck, and a work party! Learn more about our unique model for stewarding land, and for farmers to gain access to farm land. During the farm tour, we will talk about this model—the land is held in trust by Farm Folk City Folk, managed by the Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-op (LCFC). Farmland parcels are leased by individual farmers. After this tour and discussion we will share a potluck meal, and then get our hands dirty for an hour or two! Details of the work party TBA.

WHEN: Sunday, September 17, 10:30AM-3:00PM

10:30AM Farm Tour
11:30AM Work Party
1:00PM Potluck followed by discussion about farm co-operatives/land stewardship till 3:00PM

WHERE: Lohbrunner Community Farm, 1152 Lippincott Road, Victoria, BC

Lohbrunner Community Farm

About Lohbrunner Farm

Lohbrunner Community Farm is a 13 acre farm in a peri-urban setting on the Langford/Metchosin border that is managed by LCFC. Vitality Farm, run by Diana and Doug Brubaker, and Sweet Acres Farm, run by Ariella Falkowski are leasing land on the property in order to operate their farms. In addition to the two farm businesses, the Homesteaders grow food for their own consumption, there are cooperatively managed berry bushes, and there are plans for school group educational activities to take place in the future. This land is also bordered on one side by a 30 acre bird sanctuary that is owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Lohbrunner Community Farm

Learn About Farmland Access

Lohbrunner Community Farm is unique in the way this property is managed, and in the way it provides farmers access to stable, long term leases of farmland. While this Co-op is new, and still in its developmental stages, we would like to share our experience of setting up a Co-op, writing land leases, and working out the kinks that come along with this amazing situation!

During the farm tour, we will share information about our land stewardship model—members of our Co-op will be available at the potluck and work party to discuss details and answer questions. We will also share thoughts on farming in conjunction with the natural ecology in an area (as we farm right next to an extensive bird sanctuary.)

Lohbrunner Community Farm

Getting There

Parking is limited, and so carpooling or even biking (we are just off the Galloping Goose!) is highly encouraged.

RSVP at the Facebook event to join in the carpooling coordination!

Parking is currently very limited on the farm itself, and so please park along the length of Lippincott Road (the farm is at the end of Lippincott Rd.).

Just a reminder to please bring your own dishes (plate/bowl, cutlery, drinking vessel) for the potluck. There will be a station to wash your dishes after you are done using them.



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